Selling Land, Houses, Compounds & Properties In The Gambia

Selling Land, Houses & Property In Gambia

We are very active in the marketing and selling of unique, designer and luxury properties of individuals as well as acting for property development companies and institutions.

  • Do you want to sell a house, compound, business property or piece of landĀ  in The Gambia?
  • Do you have off plan properties, new build houses & property developments for sale?
  • Do you want to sell a house, compound, empty land or building plots?
  • Do you have a tourism property or holiday related business for sale in The Gambia?

We have well-established connections with overseas property buyers, investors (including buy-to-let schemes) as well as pension fund managers who are now showing an interest in the Gambian residential property market.

Do you want to sellĀ  a house, compound or land in Gambia?

If you are thinking of selling your land or property in The Gambia or need a valuation for any other reason, our property team would be glad to hear from you.

We are on hand to prepare a free market appraisal of your house or compound and a proposed property marketing campaign. There are no obligations.

However, words are cheap. Action speaks louder and client references are available on request. We are always interested in completed or uncompleted properties or fenced or unfenced building plots for development by private or corporate investors.

Land & Property Sales Valuations In Gambia

Please feel free to contact us even if you are not sure about your future intentions but would like to know the expected market price of your property or land.

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