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Rural & Village Properties in The Gambia, West Africa

Rural & Village Properties in The Gambia

Rural properties afford you peace and quiet, access to nature and beautiful views. In general you do get more for your money by moving inland to buy land and building your own home. This involves sourcing the available land, ensuring that the land is legally available for development and of the correct use class ie residential not agricultural, and meeting with designers / architects and builders.

We will accompany you to these meetings to ensure you are fully aware of what is going on, and get exactly what you want for your money.

Things to consider:

  • There is a limited infrastructure in terms of hospitals, schools, transport, roads, utilities, etc.
  • If you are retiring to The Gambia, you need to consider access if only one of you drives. Roads in summer can be affected by rain and storms
  • Utilities may not be in place which means you will have to factor in the costs for solar power and water boreholes.
  • Access for builders in rural Gambia can be more difficult than towns and coastal properties, which can affect the price of building projects
  • If you are looking to work from home, you need to be sure communications and internet access are available where you are planning to live
  • Clients may be unable to visit if you are too far inland, as often a four wheel drive vehicle is needed for access to these type of properties.

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