Back To Africa – Relocating To Live In Gambia

The sun shines here for all 12 months of the year! The Gambia offers you the best climate in the world and one of the most beautiful landscapes. This makes the Gambians warm and friendly people with a contagious relaxed attitude to life. The Gambia is known as the Smiling Coast.

In many ways, the lifestyle in the Gambia is very different from the one you are used to. Try to relax and enjoy life like the locals and the residents do and you will discover the pleasure of living in a tropical paradise. The Gambia offers you sunshine, sparkling seas, entertainment and what is more important, peace of mind.

Back To Africa – Living In The Gambia

The Gambia offers you many of the same basic services you can get in your own country. You are protected under similar laws and regulations to the British legal system, with the right to own property and establish your own business.

Apart from all this, the Gambia offers you a wide variety of activities and entertainment that can suit the young with an exciting nightlife or tranquil days for those who want to relax. Eating out is a real experience as you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisine.

Entertainment is assured in the Gambia, with lots of sport including water activities eg sport fishing, quad biking and horse riding on the beaches and tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis and many other sports practiced to a high standard.

Moving To The Gambia

Some people buy a property in The Gambia to get away from it all. The Gambia is perfect for a getaway, there are still places where you can enjoy a quiet life for retirement or exclusive privacy. The air is cleaner. The nights are brighter. The days are warmer. The sea is close by. The food is healthier, cheaper and more natural.

But there are many more reasons to move back to Africa

  • Worsening quality of life in most modern cities
  • Safer environment for everyone, especially women and children
  • Rearing multilingual children
  • Learning another language / getting to know a different culture
  • Living the “old way”
  • Retirement money lasts longer
  • Lower taxes and legal encumbrances

As a working / business option.

Nowadays, most jobs can be done through home office / teleworking. With excellent communications to and from Europe and all the facilities of broadband Internet connections, you don´t have to be on site anymore to produce professional work or manage your business.

Psychological reasons

Do you remember when you knew your neighbors? Some of us miss the feeling of being involved in a community, sharing experiences, meeting new people. Have you ever been able to let your kids go to play outside without worrying?

  • Often people living in big cities feel isolated from the world, have few friends, don´t go out much. This feeling eventually leads to depression. Should the root of this problem not be treated, the depression becomes cyclical.
  • Also, the poor natural light in some European countries causes SAD (seasonal affected disorder – associated with poor lighting, lack of sun)
  • The treatment of some addictions (drugs, sex, Internet..) is also easier to deal with in a healthy, socially rich environment.
  • Stress is much easier to treat.

Ecological concerns

Every day more and more people become concerned with the ecological impact of their way of living on this planet, and they try to minimize the harm they do to the environment through the life decisions they take.

Health reasons

Arthritis, migraine, asthma and multiple sclerosis are conditions scientifically proved to improve due to the Gambia´s climate. and general environment.

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