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Freehold & Leasehold Land In Gambia

Freehold Property & Leasehold Land Registration in Gambia

Land for sale in Gambia is registered at the Property Registry, which functions similarly to the English Land Registry. This registry provides immediate confirmation of the seller’s ownership status, ensuring the property is free of any liens or encumbrances. However, it’s important to note that there is still a significant amount of land and property in Gambia that remains unregistered.

To avoid confusion, both buyers and sellers need to understand the distinction between freehold and leasehold terms used in Gambia, which have different implications compared to Europe. In Gambia, there is no concept of absolute ownership of land and property because all land is ultimately owned by the Government. Private individuals can lease land from the Government for a period of 99 years. It’s important to clarify that this arrangement does not constitute leasehold land. Instead, the land or property can be classified as either leasehold or freehold based on its registration status at the Property Registry.

Unregistered land or property is considered freehold, while registered land or property is classified as leasehold. During the purchasing process, it’s crucial to register previously freehold land or property as leasehold at the Property Registry to establish clear and undisputed ownership.

Buying Freehold Land & Leasehold Properties in Gambia

Preparation is Key – When considering purchasing a piece of land or a compound for sale in Gambia, it’s important to understand that this should be the final stage in the process, not the first. The property buying process, whether for personal use or investment purposes, should begin with thorough preparation. Taking this approach will save you both time and money. We strongly recommend contacting us before visiting any property.

By doing so, we can address all the key issues calmly and clearly before you get caught up in the rush and pressure typically associated with purchasing a specific property anywhere in the world.

Our Gambia real estate sales list is constantly evolving, and we advise registering with us to receive personalized attention and immediate updates when we become aware of a property investment in Gambia that may match your requirements.

This proactive approach helps prevent complications during the buying process, avoiding the risk of lost deposits, confusion, and unnecessary expenses on conveyancing, legal fees, and surveyors.

With our assistance, purchasing a property in Gambia will be a smooth and easy process. If you’re not yet fully committed to buying in Gambia but would like more information, you can find general guidance on buying houses, apartments, or land in Gambia on our website. Alternatively, feel free to contact us to receive an up-to-date listing of the best properties for sale in Gambia based on your budget and needs.

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