Profitable Business Opportunities In Gambia

Qualifying Business Activities and Priority Investment Sectors

With its liberal and free market economy, and excellent investment opportunities, the Gambian Government has identified a number of sectors as priority areas. These include the following:

Agriculture, Horticulture & Livestock

  • crops: groundnuts, cashew, sesame, cotton, cereals
  • animal husbandry: livestock, poultry including
  • meat processing, tannery, export of live animals
  • floriculture and horticulture agro-processing

Fisheries, Fishing & Fish Farming

  • aqua-culture: fish and shrimp farming
    fishing and fish processing at industrial level

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

  • eco-tourism: national heritage and others
  • up-country tourism: motels, tourist camps,
  • sport fishing, river cruising.
  • hotel development for a 4 or 5 stars

Timber & Forestry

  • development of private/community forest parks agro-forestry plantation.

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Processing

  • assembling and packaging processing
  • foundry and forging
  • light pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Renewable Energy Generation & Distribution

  • electricity generation and distribution
  • renewable energy sources: solar, wind, hydro-energy

Training & Skills Development

  • vocational training: carpentry, welding, masonry
  • development of specialized skills: electronics, computing, others

Financial & Professional Services

  • financial services
  • off-shore services
  • health and veterinary services
  • river and air transportation
  • information technology

Minerals Exploration and Exploitation

  • petroleum exploration: refer to Petroleum Act and regulations
  • mining of precious stones and others: refer to Mineral Act.

Public Transport & Communications

  • transportation (land, sea, and air)
  • communication equipment
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