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Profitable Business Opportunities In The Gambia, West Africa

Profitable Business Opportunities In Gambia

Qualifying Business Activities and Priority Investment Sectors

With its liberal and free market economy, and excellent investment opportunities, the Gambian Government has identified a number of sectors as priority areas. These include the following:

Agriculture, Horticulture & Livestock

  • crops: groundnuts, cashew, sesame, cotton, cereals
  • animal husbandry: livestock, poultry including
  • meat processing, tannery, export of live animals
  • floriculture and horticulture agro-processing

Fisheries, Fishing & Fish Farming

  • aqua-culture: fish and shrimp farming
    fishing and fish processing at industrial level

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

  • eco-tourism: national heritage and others
  • up-country tourism: motels, tourist camps,
  • sport fishing, river cruising.
  • hotel development for a 4 or 5 stars

Timber & Forestry

  • development of private/community forest parks agro-forestry plantation.

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Processing

  • assembling and packaging processing
  • foundry and forging
  • light pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Renewable Energy Generation & Distribution

  • electricity generation and distribution
  • renewable energy sources: solar, wind, hydro-energy

Training & Skills Development

  • vocational training: carpentry, welding, masonry
  • development of specialized skills: electronics, computing, others

Financial & Professional Services

  • financial services
  • off-shore services
  • health and veterinary services
  • river and air transportation
  • information technology

Minerals Exploration and Exploitation

  • petroleum exploration: refer to Petroleum Act and regulations
  • mining of precious stones and others: refer to Mineral Act.

Public Transport & Communications

  • transportation (land, sea, and air)
  • communication equipment