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As property buyer and investment agents in Gambia, we offer a professional one-to-one service that takes you through the whole process, from searching hundreds of properties and building plots, talking to estate agents and negotiating prices, to dealing with lawyers, builders, developers, agents and officials.

On your arrival in the Gambia, we will arrange to meet and chat over a coffee to explore your property options. Even if we have talked previously, you may find that your preferences or options have changed and we will need to reassess the best options for your individual requirements. Equally the market place is constantly changing and there may be more on offer since we last spoke.

How we work before the client arrives

  • Being aware of developments on the the Gambia property market
  • Telephoning the right people, at the right time
  • Always working with reputable real estate companies
  • Continuously scanning property companies for offers and property news
  • Acting on direct instructions from European and Gambian vendors wishing to sell

When a client comes in the Gambia

  • Client is presented with a list of the most appropriate properties
  • All arrangements for property viewing will be made in advance
  • We will undertake to guide you regarding all areas in Gambia relative to value and development potential for your investment property
  • Once you have selected a few of the best properties or land we will meet to draw up a list of favourites and arrange for the appropriate second viewings.

When a client has decided to buy land or property

  • Opening a bank account – we can assist you in setting up a Gambian bank account into which you may easily transfer money from England as the need arises. Please note it takes approximately 5 – 6 working days to transfer money. You will be provided with a debit card for use in the cash points and the basic banking services which you receive in Europe will also be available to you. There are very few loans or mortgages available in Gambia.
  • We will explain all the legal process involved in the purchase of your Gambian land or property
  • We have an accredited Gambian lawyer / barrister¬† to complete your legal papers in a quick and highly efficient manner
  • Transferring funds – once your bank account is set up it will be a relatively straightforward procedure transfer funds as and when you need them

After the client leaves the Gambia

  • We will liaise on your behalf with the seller, the estate agent, the lawyer and any other parties involved in the transaction
  • We will arrange the appointments dates with you and your lawyer, for the signing of the documents
  • We will keep you informed of progress at all times

If you are not seriously considering buying in the Gambia yet, but would like some information, you will find general information about buying a house, apartment or land in the Gambia on this site.

Or contact us to get an up to the minute listing of all the best properties for sale in the Gambia based on your budget and needs.

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