Land For Sale In Sanyang, South Gambia, West Africa

Our focus is Sanyang; in particular the rapidly developing Newtown neighbourhood, lodged in the leafy suburb of Sanyang Forest Park. This especially serene, airy and spacious district, proceeds from the eastern fringes of Sanyang Village and stretches (in the direction of Gunjur), up to Katchume.

In addition to ongoing developments such as the new SBEC”s University and Sanyang Senior Secondary School; Blue Ocean, Sky High and Kombo Real Estate, have all moved quickly to establish premium sites in the vicinity.

Twelve Month Payment Plan With 10% Deposit

All plots lay within four hundred metres (some as close as 150 mtrs) off the Coastal Highway. Prices include payment of all required taxes (ie. Capital Gains & Local taxes) as well as complete freehold registration and documentation.

Fandema Gardens: Newtown, Sanyang Forest Park.

  • 20 x 20  Open/Land D 275k (UK Pounds 4,435)
  • 20 x 30     D 375k (UK Pounds 6,050)
  • 20 X 40     D 500k (UK Pounds 8,065)
  • 20 x 35  P/Fenced  D 650K (UK Pounds 10,485)
  • 25 X 35     D 725K (UK Pounds 11,695)
  • 40 X 40  Open/Land D 1m  (UK Pounds 16,130)
  • 40 X 60     D 1.5m (UK Pounds 24,195)

Forest Highway: Newtown, Sanyang Forest Park.

  • 50 x 50  Open/Land D 1.6m (UK Pounds 25,800)
  • 50 x 100     D 3m  (UK Pounds 48,385)

SBEC University: Sanyang Forest Park.

  • 15 x 15  Open/Land D 150k (UK Pounds 2,420)
  • 15 X 30     D 300k (UK Pounds 4,840)
  • 20 X 20     D 275k (UK Pounds 4,435)
  • 50 X 50     D 1.6m (UK Pounds 25,800)

Land For Sale In Sanyang, South Gambia

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