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We are not real estate sales agents. We are real estate buyer’s agents and we work to help you find and buy the best place to live in Gambia.

At Gambia Property Sales, we have extensive knowledge of the Gambian real estate market and work with a wide network of property lawyers, real estate agents and property development companies.

We focus on purchasing the best properties that Gambia can offer whilst simultaneously ensuring that we negotiate the most cost effective prices for our investors.

From searching hundreds of properties, compounds and building plots, talking to estate agents and negotiating prices, to dealing with lawyers, builders, developers, agents and officials, we offer a professional one-to-one property finding service that takes you through the buying and selling  process.

Even if we have talked previously, you may find that your property preferences or budget may have changed and we will need to reassess the best options for your individual requirements. Equally the Gambian property market place is constantly changing so there is definitely more on offer since we last spoke.

What Is The Difference Between Our Service And A Traditional Gambia Estate Agent?

An estate agency works for their customer, the property owner. We work for you. The difference is that we have your interests at heart, while an estate agency has the interests of their client uppermost in their mind, as you would expect.

What Happens If I See A Property With An Estate Agent?

Tell us. We will make contact with the agents on your behalf, get all of the details for you, visit the property to ensure it is exactly as presented by the agent, and let you know our findings. It is important to remember that you are our client. We work on your behalf to ensure your visit to The Gambia is a success in terms of finding the right properties to visit.

Why Do We List Properties On This Site?

Our job is not to sell you a property, but to find the property you want. There is a very real difference. We list properties on our site from our participating estate agents and our own portfolio of private direct sales only to demonstrate the standard of the developments. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the details until we have visited the properties personally.

When we have your ‘wish list’, we will work from that. Once we have a property that falls into your category, we will send details to you immediately. This is far simpler than looking through all of the properties available.

What Happens When You Arrive In The Gambia?

The day following your arrival, we will meet you with a list of properties that fit as closely as possible the criteria on your wish list. Over coffee, we will go through the list, deciding those to visit, and those to eliminate. We will then spend the afternoon, and the following days if need be, driving to properties and viewing them. We will accompany you to each one, to deal with the estate agents and owners for you. We will arrange bank and legal services, and make sure all the bases are covered so you have nothing to worry about when you go home.

Do We Specialise In An Area Or Property Type?

In terms of area, we cover all of the Gambia. Regarding properties, we do not specialise, we can find any type of property you are interested in.

Will I Need A Lawyer?

Always. Lawyers cost around 10% of your purchase price. If the transaction is straightforward, we can save you money by undertaking the conveyancing ourselves. If the transaction has the potential to be more risky.

What About Information On Taxes And Laws?

We an advise on all Gambian property laws and taxes here in the Gambia. Don’t let any issues regarding laws or taxes worry you, we will be with you through the whole process, until the keys are in your hands, and after that as long as you need us.

What About Rentals?

Renting your property is a great way of maximising your investment. We offer services from Property Management, Residential and Commercial Sales, Valuation, International Marketing, Consultancy and Research, all assisted by state-of-the-art marketing and information technology.

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