Buying Land In Gambia

We are a results based Gambian property consultancy focusing on helping you to make the right choices in the Gambian property market. If you are seriously considering buying a property or building land in the Gambia, all you have to do is contact us.

How To Buy Land  In The Gambia, Africa.

We are here to help you to fulfill your dreams whether you are looking for a new place to live, a holiday home in the sun, a retirement home or a property investment.

We will personally guide you step by step all the way through the process of buying land or property in The Gambia.

We will be pleased to talk to you and answer all your questions about buying land or property in The Gambia

Buying Land Or Property In The Gambia

Unlike an estate agent, we are not going to try to convince you to buy. The Gambia sells itself. Once you are convinced you want to buy here, just telephone us and we will start the search. We are here to help you solve the problems and achieve your dream.

We only work with reputable, proven and qualified vendors, solicitors and developers. All you need to do is choose your perfect plot or property and we will then have a Gambian lawyer check title documents for any misrepresentation or anomalies.

Once ownership, location, size and usage are determined a 10% deposit is paid, the contract is prepared, searches are done with the land registry and then the balance is paid. In our experience, this is the only way that we can protect your investment and guarantee that your ownership is secure.

Remember that only by using the recognised legal process and an accredited solicitor can you ensure full title and that your investment is absolutely secure It is not uncommon (where the services of a lawyer have NOT been sought during a property purchase) for the property to be ‘sold’ to multiple purchasers, who then may end up in court seeking to establish ownership of the property against other ‘buyers’.

With our assistance, buying a property in The Gambia will be easy.

If you are not seriously considering buying in the Gambia yet, but would like some information, you will find general information about buying a house, apartment or land in the Gambia on this site.

Or contact us to get an up to the minute listing of all the best properties for sale in Gambia based on your budget and needs.

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