Buying Land & Property Investments In Gambia

Buying a property in Gambia a is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle or real estate investment choice. But knowing how to buy a house, compound or plot of land in The Gambia can often be a real challenge.

When it comes to buying investment property in Gambia this challenge can often be compounded due to a lack of available information resulting in confusion over the buying process, conveyancing costs and lawyers and survreyors fees.

We understand how difficult it can be for you to obtain the latest and correct property information and advice that is needed when buying Gambian property.

Combining an extensive knowledge of the Gambian residential real estate market with a wide network of Gambian property lawyers, real estate agents and property contacts we focus on purchasing the best properties that Gambia can offer whilst simultaneously ensuring that we negotiate the most cost effective prices for our investors.

Building Land & Property Investments in The Gambia

We are a result–based Gambian real estate company focusing on helping you maximise the return on your property investment. We invest for both private property investors, corporate and overseas investors. We act on behalf of our investors to ensure that their property investment in The Gambia will provide them with the best possible financial results both in rental value and when they decide to sell.

We advise on specific strategies for each property we deal with to ensure maximum returns on investment.

The Gambia has seen dramatic improvements to the country over recent years and tourism has been increasing at a rate much higher than the global average. Infrastructure and facilities are being introduced in key development areas.  In the last year, property prices have risen by up to 10%, and over the next few years is estimated to continue as the country continues to attract more tourism and international investment.

Buying Building Land & Property In Gambia

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