Buying Land & Property Investments In Gambia

Buying a property in Gambia a is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle or investment choice. However buying a house, apartment or piece of land in The Gambia can be a real challenge. When it comes to buying investment property in Gambia this challenge can often be compounded due to a lack of available information resulting in confusion over the purchasing process, conveyancing costs and lawyers and survreyors fees.

We understand how difficult it can be for you to obtain the latest and correct property information and advice that is needed when buying Gambian property.

Combining an extensive knowledge of the Gambian residential real estate market with a wide network of Gambian property lawyers, real estate agents and property contacts we focus on purchasing the best properties that Gambia can offer whilst simultaneously ensuring that we negotiate the most cost effective prices for our investors.

Land & Property Investment in The Gambia

We are a result–based Gambian real estate company focusing on helping you maximise the return on your property investment. We invest for both private property investors, corporate and overseas investors. We act on behalf of our investors to ensure that their property investment in The Gambia will provide them with the best possible financial results both in rental value and when they decide to sell.

We advise on specific strategies for each property we deal with to ensure maximum returns on investment.

The Gambia has seen dramatic improvements to the country over the last 2 years and tourism has been increasing at a rate much higher than the global average. Infrastructure and facilities are being introduced in key development areas.  In the last year, property prices have risen by up to 10%, and over the next few years is estimated to continue as the country continues to attract more tourism and international investment.

Gambia Real Estate Investment Advantages

Fantastic Winter Sun – over 30°C every month / Under 6 hours flying time – be at the pool by late afternoon / Same time zone so no jet lag / Wonderful uncrowded beaches / Unspoilt and non commercialised / Friendly people and interesting culture / River, bush and beach excursions / Spectacular bird life / Holiday makers return again and again / Value for money / Low cost of living

Additional Gambian Property Investment Services

Our dedicated in-house team work closely with a number of specialists in related fields to offer additional property services for investors, providing them with expert assistance for every aspect of their African property investment requirements.

  • Tax advice: An independent consultant is available to assist, advise and prepare the necessary tax returns for the Gambia Revenue Authority.
  • Building surveys: A building surveyor is available to survey the condition of existing buildings and give advice on construction design and building works
  • Property valuations: Property valuations are available on existing client property investments as well as potential investments
  • Legal services: We work with a number of well established lawyers and solicitors in The Gambia and the UK who we are pleased to recommend
  • Property maintenance: Investors and tenants benefit from a 365-day, 24-hour call-out facility to deal with emergencies and routine problems as swiftly and efficiently as possible
  • Property management: For property owners in The Gambia that do not wish to rent out their property, we can provide a service that manages your home while you are away

Investment Property Sales in The Gambia

Working for the optimum return on your property investment in The Gambia

Completing the investment process for existing investors, or acting on behalf of new investors we offer expert advice on selling real estate investments in The Gambia, making sure that investors benefit from the best returns possible.

  • Proactive advice on the best time to sell the real estate investment in Gambia
  • Maximise the return on investment
  • Effective marketing of your Gambian property
  • Impartial advice about all aspects of the property sales
  • Ensure that the sale is managed as efficiently and effectively as possible

If you would like to use any of these Gambian property investment services or would like to discuss your individual Gambia property investment requirements further, please contact us

We are happy to discuss the promotion of our properties in The Gambia with estate agents, property journalists, travel writers and broadcasters. We are here to help you to fulfi your dreams whether you are looking for the best place to live, a holiday home in the sun,a retirement home or a property investment.

Gambian Real Estate Investment Advantages

Property investors choose to invest their money in The Gambian property market over the stock market for a number of reasons:

  • A property provides investors with a tangible asset
  • Property investments provide better capital growth returns on both long term and short term investments
  • The Gambia property market is less volatile than the stock market
  • Investors in property have more control over their investments than they would investing in the stock market
  • Properly structured rental returns usually cover the day-to-day property costs and can provide pension incomes

Gambia Real Estate Investment Objectives

Identify high–quality property investments in Africa within investors’ criteria:

  • New development
  • Location
  • Pure investment
  • Portfolio building
  • Buying properties at minimum cost
  • Add value to create immediate capital growth through refurbishments or comprehensive modernisation of property investments
  • Maximise rental cash flow
  • Advise on optimum time to sell to achieve maximum return on the property investment
  • Build a well balanced portfolio of Gambian property investments