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Beach Front & Sea View Properties in The Gambia, West Africa

Beach Front & Sea View Properties in Gambia

A beach-front property with sea views and a terrace is highly sought after in any country and The Gambia is no exception. Coastal properties offer excellent opportunities for year round rental as well as making fabulous tourist businesses. Such land and properties are available in some areas of Gambia but obviously at a premium.

However it is also very important to understand that much of the coastal land ie land on the beach side of the coastal highway is part of the Tourist Development Area and generally is not available for sale.

Occasionally this land is sold to unwary investors who lose all their money and assets when it is subsequently confiscated by the government. As with all purchases it is recommended to use the services of an accredited lawyer to check the status of the land in question before any money changes hands.

Land is also set aside by the government for social housing, nature conservation or land that is deemed to be of strategic national importance. The possession of a leasehold certificate protects any land/property holder from any subsequent government embargoes which may be instigated without warning on any lands.

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