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Banks, Banking & Financial Services

Banks, Banking, Forex & Financial Services in Gambia

Welcome to Gambia Property Sales, where we provide valuable information about banks, banking services, and financial opportunities in The Gambia. Understanding the Gambian financial system is essential for anyone considering property investment or business ventures in the country.

Gambian Financial System Overview

The financial system of The Gambia revolves around key institutions such as the Central Bank of The Gambia, commercial banks, foreign exchange bureaux, and insurance companies. Additionally, the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), a non-bank parastatal, invests funds to meet future pension and provident fund obligations. Micro-credit institutions also play a role in small-scale rural project financing.

Central Bank of The Gambia (CBG)

The Central Bank of The Gambia plays a crucial role in the country’s financial landscape. Some of its functions include:

  1. Stimulating growth in productivity and employment generation by implementing monetary policy measures.
  2. Controlling inflation by regulating the rate of credit expansion by commercial banks. The average inflation rate in The Gambia has remained around 4%.
  3. Providing banking services to the government, commercial banks, and insurance companies.
  4. Managing the value of the Gambian currency, the Dalasi, which has demonstrated stability and is considered the most stable currency in West Africa.

CBG’s focused policies have led to more efficient allocation of funds and improved financial intermediation, encouraging private investments in the economy.

Commercial Banks in The Gambia

Currently, there are six commercial banks in The Gambia. These banks offer a range of services, including trade finance, credit facilities, foreign exchange transactions, equity participation, and deposits. However, despite the liberalization of the banking sector and compliance with international agreements, the sector remains relatively uncompetitive, limiting the variety of financial products and services available to meet the comprehensive needs of the economy.

To address this limitation and expand the range of financial services, the government prioritizes the development of additional/alternative financial institutions, the establishment of a stock market, and the implementation of village savings and micro-credit schemes. These initiatives aim to enhance credit access possibilities and provide a more diverse array of financial services in The Gambia.

Banking Hours in The Gambia

Banks in The Gambia operate during the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 08:00 hrs to 13:30 hrs
  • Friday: 08:00 hrs to 11:30 hrs
  • Some banks may also be open on Saturdays until noon.

By familiarizing yourself with the banking system and its operating hours, you can effectively plan your financial transactions and make the most of the available services.

At Gambia Property Sales, we aim to provide you with the information and resources you need to navigate the Gambian financial landscape successfully. Whether you are looking to invest in property, start a business, or explore financial opportunities, our expertise and guidance are here to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about banking and financial services in The Gambia.

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